Meet the Artists


My pencil shows the views inside
informed by the life I live.
I taught science before with pride
but have new lessons to give.

I’m now a daddy of two boys.
We want to share our inspirations,
to bring unique and fresh new joys
through our stylistic creations.

My design agency in London town
is on its way into your heart.
Any time you’re feeling down,
let us rip those doubts apart.

Calling all creative humans now
who want to join an artist’s team:
Let’s redesign the world somehow!
Tweet me today and join our dream!


I’m only two years old today
but I’ll be three years old soon
so even as I run and play
I get taller like bang, zoom!

I love my chocolate cake
and Christmas cookies too,
but if we arrange a play date,
I might just share with you.

I build with Lego, play with trains,
and take pictures with my Mum,
and when I draw with Daddy,
I’m always having fun!

I’m the littlest artist here
but that’s just fine with me.
I’m always grinning ear to ear,
check my Instagram and see!