If you are a Free user, you must always attribute our website when using illustrations. The attribution line should be:
“Illustration made by”

Let’s see the example below:

Illustration made by

If you are Member, you don’t have to attribute our website when using illustrations.


Insert the attribution on the page where the illustration is shown. This can be placed next to the image or on the footer of the website.

Printed products:

Paste this attribution on the final work so the authorship is known (for instance, in the acknowledgements chapter of a book).


Place the attribution on the credits/description page of the application.

Social Networks:

Insert the attribution “Illustration made by” on the text description of the image.
For Instagram, you can add “Illustration made by @bulbmanart”,
for Facebook “Illustration made by #bulbmanart”,
for Twitter “Illustration made by #bulbmanart”.